Boosted Support for Business

The Federal, NSW and VIC Governments announced a series of new measures to support individuals and businesses impacted by the lockdowns this week. We have included all the latest information and updates in our COVID-19 Support Hub. Please refer to this link for the full details. Here’s a brief snapshot: Victorian Business Support There’s been new and extended grants announced to support businesses impacted in Victoria, specifically: Business Continuity Fund…  Read more

Key Changes & Updates for COVID-19 Support (NSW & VIC)

We have clarified some of the information surrounding the recently announced government support packages with the various measures available to eligible NSW and VIC based individuals and businesses. Here are the most recent and important changes & updates; Federal Government COVID-19 Disaster Payment Services Australia have confirmed that you don’t have to access your annual leave before applying for the COVID-19 Disaster Payment even if you have it available to…  Read more

MAD Crew Wealth | Our Story, Our Soul

MAD Crew Wealth is on a mission to become the leading one-stop-shop financial accounting services partner for Aussie trade & construction businesses.  MAD Crew Wealth came into existence during the Covid-19 pandemic to help business owners in trades and construction meet their long-term financial goals, save time, and most importantly – to live a life by design and enable you to do the same.  Karla Hourigan and Amar Latif, the co-founders of MAD…  Read more

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