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MAD Crew Wealth is on a mission to become the leading one-stop-shop financial accounting services partner for Aussie trade & construction businesses. 

MAD Crew Wealth came into existence during the Covid-19 pandemic to help business owners in trades and construction meet their long-term financial goals, save time, and most importantly – to live a life by design and enable you to do the same. 

Karla Hourigan and Amar Latif, the co-founders of MAD Crew Wealth, have always believed in Making A Difference by positively impacting their clients’ lives, the lives of their team members, and the greater community.    Quote

“We wanted to encapsulate impact as the core foundation of who we are and what we do as a business,” shares Amar.  

Positive Impact is at the heart of who we are, and we wanted to embed this into everything we do, especially the way we go about doing business. Every time we do business, something amazing happens in the world,” adds Karla.

Amar Latif and Karla Hourigan’s partnership was born when the Covid-19 pandemic first hit the world in March 2020. Both Amar and Karla joined an online community group for accountants. This presented them with the opportunity to connect with like-minded people who understood the challenges they were going through, i.e., folks who “got it.” It was a safe space to unpack and share experiences.  

At that time, both Karla and Amar were running successful (but separate) businesses.  

 Meet The Co-Founders 

Karla Hourigan & Amar Latif
Co-Founders – Karla Hourigan and Amar Latif meeting for the first time in Real Life! (Accidently #twinning)

Amar Latif

A certified accountant with a CPA designation, has spent a decade working as a hedge fund accountant before getting into private practice.  

He became the youngest assistant vice president in the largest hedge fund accounting firm globally, helping clients grow their funds, achieve their goals, and manage their expenses to improve their financial metrics. 

Later, Amar started his tax accounting firm Latif Accounting Pty Ltd. He had a strong focus on providing business advisory services for clients. 

“I was really passionate about helping businesses become intentional in what they want their businesses to achieve so I focused on working with them in setting their long-term goals and then breaking that down for them into creating their business plans, budgets, key performance indicators (KPIs) and quarterly goals to ensure the business owners are on track to meet their financial goals.” 

Amar Latif
Amar enjoying some quality time with his boys at soccer doing what he loves

Karla Hourigan

A visionary and entrepreneur of the year award winner, has spent her entire career (20+ years) in the accounting industry.

Through her varied roles, she gained real-world experience. She developed a high level of expertise in managing and streamlining the business’s financial function with a passion for leading the way with the practical application of the latest and greatest technology & apps.

Karla didn’t go down the traditional route of gaining her qualification.

Karla started her career in the private sector, then shifted to public practice before she took the leap of faith to create her specialised business offering.

Karla started her former business, Infinesse, to help enterprises move to the cloud and get the most efficiency in using their accounting systems & technology. Infinesse’s services soon expanded to include fully managed accounts, including payroll, accounts payable/receivable, and payments.    

“There was always that missing piece of the skillset from businesses around how to perform the function of finance, maintain accurate records, and keep compliant. I liked spending time with clients, educating, and assisting them. Furthermore, having an external accounts department to manage this function frees up our client’s time and enables them to focus on what they do best. I really get a kick out of helping people by continuously learning & sharing my knowledge and experiences. It’s awesome to see the difference I can make, 

Karla Hourigan
Karla fulfilling her passion of travel exploring outback Australia on a Family Road Trip

After a few months of online conversations, Amar and Karla saw a lot of alignment regarding the type of firm they wanted to create, their values, and their business vision. They also developed a close relationship and shared a lot of laughter, which was great at a time when there was a lot of uncertainty and stress. 

They realized that they can co-create their ideal firm by combining their unique and complementary skill sets. This required merging their two businesses into one.  

That’s when MAD Crew Wealth was born.  

Why “MAD Crew Wealth”? 

The name MAD Crew Wealth has three main components: 

  • MAD. MAD stands for “Making a Difference.” MAD Crew Wealth aims to make a difference around the client’s personal lives and help them achieve their financial goals. They want to have a positive impact on the career development and fulfillment of their employees. Finally, they want to help the greater community by creating and encouraging giving within their business.  
  • Crew. This represents the team working closely with clients to achieve the clients‘ business goals and values. A crew has your back. It’s a group of individuals working together to achieve a result. Everyone has their expertise that they bring to the table, and together they can accomplish so much more than if they were running independently. 
  • Wealth. This stands for something far beyond meeting clients’ financial goals. MAD Crew Wealth is more than a regular bookkeeping or accounting firm providing standard bookkeeping and tax return preparation services. The team is devoted to helping customers achieve the long-term success that aligns with their personal and business goals. 

What The MAD Crew Wealth Team Believes In 

The team at MAD Crew Wealth embodies everything that the company stands for.  

 “MAD represents being different, being bold, thinking outside the box. We don’t want to be a typical accounting or bookkeeping firm. We are going to do things our way rather than just following what has been done by others”, shares Amar. 

MAD Crew Wealth believes in turning goals into reality with self-belief and by taking action.  

The crew is passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise to help you create wealth beyond financial success. They aim to help business owners to have a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle supported by achieving their financial goals.  

 “I think it’s pretty phenomenal that we’ve come together without actually ever meeting each other but from a pure place of wanting to do good work, be good people, and to create some impact. Making a difference really resonates with us, and we’re excited,” adds Karla.  

The MAD Crew Wealth team truly live life by design and can enable you to do the same. 


Looking for support to build a financially sustainable trade & construction business that allows you to live your life by design and make a difference? Contact us today.  

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